Story Time

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Children listen to Miss Debbie read a story book
Children listen to Miss Debbie read a story book

Phoenix Public Libraries offer events called Story Time at many of their locations at various times. The Arcacia branch has a baby story time and a preschool story time on throughout the week .

Miss Debbi taught for 35 years in South Phoenix before becoming a librarian at the Arcacia branch. She and a couple other librarians take turns leading story time.

“The Fridays I have story time are my favorite days,” Miss Debbi said. “I still call of them my students.

Each story time leader has their own style in leading the group. One leader is much more laid back, Miss Debbi said. “I like doing something different every time.”

In today’s half an hour story time, Miss Debbi did everything from singing the abc’s, reading Olivia, doing the hokey pokey, and playing with a parachute.

Story time is an opportunity for children to have social interactions with other children before starting school. It is also an opportunity for parents and grandparent to engage with children.

“I try to get parents involved just as much as the kids,” Miss Debbi said.


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