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My mom calls it cheating that I do most of my reading through listening. For a lot of my English literature classes most of our required text books are novels. I always buy a hard copy but then I ask for itunes cards to buy the audio book version as well.

But these audio books can get expensive which is why I was so excited to find that libraries also offer audio books and they are all free to check out.

My favorite way to check out an audio book is online. No transportation required all you need is a library card. Greater Phoenix Digital Library offers audio books and ebooks to read on your tablet.

Getting started can be a little challenging because the digital library is relatively new but Tempe library offers technical support if there are any problems or questions.

Children’s books, non fiction, classics, young adult, business and biography all come in audio book form. My mom and I did a lot of driving from California to Arizona. Six hours was a long time to keep myself occupied so we listened to audio books.

We have listened to every Harry Potter audio book at least four times. We were listening to the Harry Potter series back when audio books were available for check out in cassette form.


One thought on “Audio Books

    Josh Burton said:
    October 6, 2013 at 1:34 am

    All of our cars broke down a couple days ago but my mom’s van. I ended up driving it to school and noticed she had a CD playing at really low volume. I turned it up and low and lo’ and behold, there was Billy Budd! Short story, I’ve fallen in love again with audio books!

    However, I listen to audio books for fun; I haven’t quite made the transition from print to audio textbooks. How *do* you study with audio? Do you find it more efficient?

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